And so it starts…

Welcome to DM Bizzy, my name is Derek Bizier and my middle initial is M. So my initials are DMB (like the band…) and most know me as Biz so it only made sense to go by DM Bizzy. A little about me before I get into the meat of what I hope to turn this blog into. 
My life has many facets firstly I am a father and husband, second an educator, and what probably brought you here is my life as a gamer. I hope to show all of these aspects through this blog with a focus on the gaming portion.

Here is a little more information about me. I\’ve floundered with Blogs many times over the years. First was that blog that I thought I was going to rocket me to an all star career as a home brewer (beer not RPGs). Next came an idea that I could become a stay at home blogger making money off of my own personal thoughts, like the world needed to hear what I had to say about… Well maybe that\’s why it never went anywhere, I\’m not sure that I ever actually chose a topic to talk about for that one or even started the first post for that matter.

A friend of mine (Drew) recently told me I needed to have a place to direct people for more information about myself as we worked towards the completion of his third Harrowings zine (one of my first major contributions to this hobby outside my own tabletop group) and that has brought me to here writing these words. Over a decade later I still am unsure of exactly what experience I am hoping to provide to my readers, but I have decided that I would like to put down some information about Tabletop Roleplaying Games.
My focus will be whatever I have going on in my gaming life. I may throw out a game or zine review, talk about a project I\’m currently working on, a game I am prepping for my group, a musing from my experience as an educator using RPGs in the classroom, or maybe an anecdotal read on my daughter\’s career as a \”gaming toddler\”. Hell I may even be brave enough to post some of my art, though I should warn you that my art tends to come in the shape of terrain and painting miniatures.
I am not necessarily looking to make my living here, maybe someday as a pipe dream I could become a full game designer, write-abouter, hobbiest professional. This is a dream not a goal, however, and as such I want to focus on me.
So here is my starting point and as anyone starting a new hobby or habbit I am setting a goal for myself, which is only second to just starting already with something new. That goal is to write a post a week. Now I will plan on this as a goal from the start and who knows I may fail multiple times and miss posts here and there, but I will also promise that I will not limit myself here either. You may see multiple posts a week if you keep coming back. I guess you might say my goal is actually just to not give up.
Thank you for reading through to here and the next post will have a link to my first real contribution to a thing in the gaming world. I\’ll get it out together soon and get it up hopefully before next week\’s self imposed due/goal date.
Until next time, keep rolling your dice and keep telling those stories.

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