#dungeon23 Part 1

I am working on figuring out how I want to experience d23. Some options I have on my mind.

  • Digital. Keep a google doc to have easy access to transferring it digitally and using it in the future for some capitalistic devious evil, like sell on itch.io?
  • Full analog. This thing is supposed to really be about the practice of writing RPG stuff. This keeps me in the practice and preps me for writing other stuff, as well as keeping the habit of writing a regular thing. There are many studies showing that writing by hand each day helps with a lot of stuff (I’m sure this is probably true, just please don’t ask for proof though!)
  • Analog to digital. Rocketbook is a company I have been watching for a few years. I do not think i actually will like the experience, but the thought of being able to draw dungeon rooms and maps then having access to digital intrigues me. But you do lose the artifact of the physical book when you wipe it away.

I think I will just stick to analog for this experience. Plus with as many apps as there are out there to turn my notebook into digital I’m sure it would be better to keep the source material. Plus I think the Rocketbook just sends a pdf and that is not useful for editing purposes.

Now to go find a notebook.

Requirements for new notebook:

  • Dot grid
  • Digest sized (or there abouts)
  • Spiral bound would be helpful for laying out flat
  • Orange cover, because i like orange. But I’d settle for plain brown cardboard, then I can decorate it myself.
  • At least 200 pages, because it would be nice to have a few extra

I am still working on deciding if I want to do a straight up dungeon, or if a world would be better suited. I really do not see myself getting to use a full mega dungeon at any point in the near future. I still need to reflect on this some more.

I think that is it for now. More to come soon. Feel free to reach out to me or post what you’ve chosen for a medium, and subject for your d23.

Derek Bizier, The Contemplating Halfling Master

Extra Stuff

Check out this other post, where there are some resources for your perusing. They are at the bottom of the post.

I’ll be playing in my space with a few others over at the Epic of Dreams Discord, join me if you dare!


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