Golden Age of Khares

The Golden Age of Khares, currently Kickstarting. Do not miss out on this one!

Frostgrave: A Review

Confused with War games that need multiple books to play? expensive miniatures and endless hours of work to get playing? Start here and get into a game in no time at all with barely any money spent!

The Portal at Hill House, a Play Through

“I see in the center of the landing is a set of stones erected to mimic some ancient calendar or perhaps a circle of summoning that has called the beast from the great beyond. It is unclear which of these explanations truly encompasses their purpose here. Careful as to not disturb them I make my way to the next doorway on the left.”


First off, all I can say is fuck those dudes. Seriously, making a list of TTRPG publishers who care about the world and the people living in it and advising people not to play them? Who the hell are these fascists? I made the mistake of hopping on twitter this morning and found a post … Continue reading #TTRPGRedList

Secret Projects, New Logo and More…

So welcome back my dear readers, today I wanted to talk quickly about a few secret projects… Or rather talk about what’s going on in my head as I work on secret projects, because you know, they are secret!

Random Encounter Tables

As I look into the future of tabletop gaming I see more and more random tables being produced. Is this a shift in play style back to the old ways or is this something new and cutting edge? The vein of books, that derive full adventures from random tables, is not new to the hobby … Continue reading Random Encounter Tables


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