An Emo Adventure for Troika!

This is dedicated to a younger me. One that screamed about my infidelities, a me that believed that all of October would be blue, and I would forever be weak and have a Glassjaw. This review is about raw emotion. The adventure is the epitome of the late 90s and early oughts' Emo scene. Her … Continue reading An Emo Adventure for Troika!


Magic in Whitehack

Magic casting is often a make it or break it for me in a game. One of my favorite systems comes from Whitehack by Christian Mehrstan... ...Whatever the result the conversation happens quickly, it is not meant to be a long drawn out process, referencing tables and charts looking up damage dice and rolling only to have your spell fizzle out, for a wasted casting and even worse a wasted turn for the wizardly character.