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Ever wonder what treasures are hidden away in the hoard of the Halfling Master? Dig into this blog for news, ideas, reviews, and other in depth information about anything surrounding the OSR, TTRPGs, and Miniatures hobbies. No piece of loot is too small or insignificant to be explored.

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Creating Jam

I missed the window for the cheap affinity purchase… oops. So I have not been creating things like I started a few months ago. This is unfortunate because there is so much stuff that is becoming clear to me about what I want to make. I want to create bastards. stuff. I will be reworking…

Gaming Labels

What do these labels mean? I’m not expert but i hope to pass on a little information about each and help people realize where they sit in the grand scheme of things.

2mm Wargaming

As I sit and peruse the internet for new gaming things… Just kidding, Chris McDowell found this one for me. 2×2 Napoleonic, but Chris took it a step further and of course couldn’t help but help simplify the game to a point where it seemed impossible not to give it a try! See his post…

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