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The hardest game to play.

We have not played any RPGs in too long. I hope that soon enough we can get back together and try something soon. The upside to this is that we do play more Magic during game nights…

Troika! 3rd ed

What does a third edition of Troika! Look like? Wait you mean it’s not a new edition? Then why is there a Kickstarter up? Oh, it’s for a new version of the same numinous edition that came out a few years back! Great a softcover version will make the game even more accessible than it … Continue reading Troika! 3rd ed

Riding the Mastodon

This is not a post about a cool new mount in some game that I found somewhere, though come on people I think it is obvious that there needs to be this somewhere. No, and if you’ve been paying attention to the world, you have probably seen that a certain trillionaire recently purchased an (already) defunct social media platform for an amount of money most people will never understand.

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